We can admit at times it’s hard to find a trained, certified and Professional Detailing company who can meet your every need. Well that time is over, with our LUXE VIP Membership we will create customize a plan to fit your every need with a wide range of services offered. So, imagine driving a clean car or sailing in a glossy cleaned boat year round.  Now’s your chance to make that a reality with your own personalize LUXE VIP Membership…

LUXE VIP Benefits

  • Qualify for “Members Only” promotions

  • Birthday Offers

  • Monthly Mail Offers

  • Exclusive E-mail promotions

  • Priority Scheduling

  • Discount on Gift Cards

  • 20% OFF Additional Services

  • 10% Off Specialty Services (Window Tinting, Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating and more)


Official LUXE VIP Memberships are based on a 3, 6 And 12 Month Agreement.

*Please Note that they are limited memberships Available*